My name is Mrs. Bubb and I am a 4th Grade teacher at Watkins Glen Elementary School.  This is my fifth year teaching at Watkins Glen.  This website will have important reminders  on the homepage, as well as nightly homework assignments.

*The best way to get ahold of me is by e-mail at 


Week of April 1-5

Mon-  Complete Mid-Mod Study Packet if not completed in class
Tues-  Study Mid-Mod Packet for test on Wednesday
Wed-No homework
Thurs- Module 5 Lesson 22
- No Homework


NO reading packet this week

ELA Cycle:
Mon- Unit 4 Week 3 Day 3
Tues- Unit 4 Week 3 Day 4
Wed- NO ELA because of state testing

Thurs- NO ELA because of state testing
Fri -Unit 4 Week 3 Day 5 - Spelling test (no weekly test)

Important upcomming dates:
ELA State Test - April 3-4
Spring Break - April 15-19
Tree Planting - April 25

Mrs. Bubb's 2018-19 Schedule
A-Day : Physical Education
B-Day : Art  and Technology

C-Day : Physical Education
D-Day : Health

A and C days = Chorus
B and D days = Band