8th Grade Homework Page
Today is Friday March 22nd, 2019

Finish QuickWrite if you did not do in class?
How can art and literature help us remember and honor the victims of the Holocaust (or history)?

Use details from class discussions, prior knowledge, and/or the Launch Text “The Grand Mosque of Paris” to support your response.

Use at least 2 details to support your claim.

(Point, Explain, Evidence, Explain, Evidence, Explain, The End(Conclusion))

Math 8

Go to https://quizlet.com/join/qvcHGsB8b
Use vocab words to create your own study set for the class
Link to vocabulary words under resources

Earth Science


 Social Studies  


9.4 HW

Home & Careers  

Utensil Worksheet - if you did not finish in class



Study verbs in the Yellow Vocab Sheet.  Finish the conversations if you didn't finish in class


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STATE ELA TEST - April 3rd & April 4th