Welcome to 8th grade science! We will be following the FOSS/STEM curriculum all year long getting your students ready for the 8th grade state assesment test. We will be studying chemical interactions, earth's resources and forces & motion. We will be using the website www.fossweb.com all year long. Your student can log in under class login. The username is PerrysScience and the password is ScienceRules. I also have a Remind app that the students can use for reminders on homework, extra credit, quizzes and tests. Download the Remind app to your phone and join my class @perryssci

We will have weekly quizzes which will be related to the content that we have recently gone over. There is no reason to study. They are short and sweet. They are worth 1 point for each question. Usually between 3 and 5 questions each week. This will be under quizzes in the gradebook.

Participation will be a weekly grade. 1 point for each day of the week. You can earn them by participating in class as a whole or within your group. This will be under classwork/participation in the gradebook.

We do daily "whiteboard" questions that will be randomly graded. These are usually worth 20-25 points for the week. If your group does not write down an answer (whether correct or not) you may lose points. This will be a classwork/participation grade in the gradebook.

Claims and evidence for each notebook will be our tests and graded as such. Traditional tests will be few and far between in science class. There will be no study guides as your notebook is your study guide, keep good notes and you will do fine! This will go under Tests/Notebooks in the gradebook.

Science Rules!!!!

Download rules.pdf