STEM Curriculum Notebooks

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
8th grade science is an inquiry based science where the students are challenged to think outside the box and are raised to a higher level of thinking. We use STEM notebooks for all of our Units and they are uploaded here for you to view, print and look over. Experiments are a constant in science class and I motivate my students to think for themselves, facilitate each other and come up with "the bigger" picture for an answer.

Download STEM 1.pdf
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Download STEM notebook rubric.14.docx
Download 8th science Curriculum Map.docx
Download force_and_motion_inv_1_notebook.pdf
Download STEM 2-3 FM.pdf
Download earth_science_investigation_2_notebook.pdf
Download earth_science_investigation_3_notebook.pdf
Download earth_science_investigation_4_notebook2.pdf
Download force_and_motion_investigation_4_notebook.pdf
Download force_and_motion_investigation_5_notebook.pdf
Download force_and_motion_investigation_6_notebook.pdf
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Download force_and_motion_investigation_8_notebook.docx
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