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Events for January 2016 
4STEM 8 
Study for test 
4no homework 
5no homework 
5STEM 8 
55/7 Test 
6STEM 8 
6no homework 
7no homework 
7STEM 8 
8STEM 8 
8Weekly Quiz 
8no homework 
8SONG Extra Credit due 
9no homework 
10no homework 
11no homework 
11STEM 8 
12STEM 8 
12no homework 
13no homework 
13STEM 8 
14STEM 8 
14no homework 
15no homework 
15STEM 8 
15Weekly Quiz 
16no homework 
17no homework 
18no homework 
19STEM 8 
19no homework 
20no homework 
20STEM 8 
21STEM 8 
21no homework 
22no homework 
22STEM 8 
22Cummulative Test "Midterm" 
23no homework 
24no homework 
25no homework 
25STEM 9 
26Solution Homework 
The kids have expressed interest in "other" solutions so we are going to filter out "solutions" that they bring in. It can be anything liquid from soda to tea to coffee, etc. I will assign it on Monday, due Tuesday and we will do the experiment on Tuesday. This is an important homework assignment due to the fact that if no one does it there will be no experiment. 
26Extra "Solution" Experiment 
27STEM 9 
27no homework 
28no homework 
28Weekly Quiz 
28STEM 9 
291/2 day 
29no homework 
30no homework 
31no homework