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Events for November 2016 
1notebook 5/7 
1no homework 
2no homework 
2notebook 5/7 
3notebook 5/7 
3no homework 
4no homework 
4Weekly Quiz 
4notebook 5/7 
7notebook 5/7 
7no homework 
8notebook 5/7 
8no homework 
9notebook 5/7 
9no homework 
10notebook 5/7 
10Extra credit 
Extra credit items due Monday

Older version of mousetrap game, empty tissue boxes, rubber bands, tongue depressors, soda bottle caps, hot glue gun (to borrow), bags of mini marshmallows, bags of regular sized marshmallows 
10Weekly Quiz 
claims/evidence duw ednesday for 5/7 
11no school 
14notebook 8 
15notebook 8 
15mixtures and solutions 
Please bring in your own mixture or solution (something fluid) by Thursday. If this is not done you will not be able to participate in the lab on Thursday 
16mixtures and solutions 
Please bring in a mixture or solution (something fluid) by Thursday. If you do not you will not participate in the lab 
16notebook 8 
Claims/evidence for notebook 5/7 due 
17notebook 8 
17Weekly Quiz 
18notebook 8 
211/2 day 
21no homework 
22no homework 
221/2 day 
23no school 
24no school 
25no school 
28notebook 8 
28no homework 
29no homework 
29notebook 8 
30notebook 8 
30no homework