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Events for April 2016 
1no homework 
1Earths Resources 3 
1Weekly Quiz 
2no homework 
3no homework 
4no homework 
4Forces and Motion 1 
5Forces and Motion 1 
5no homework 
6no homework 
6Forces and Motion 1 
7Forces and Motion 1 
7no homework 
8no homework 
8Weekly Quiz 
8Forces and Motion 1 
8Finish Force and motion 1 
Due Monday 
9Finish Force and motion 1 
10Finish Force and motion 1 
11no homework 
11Force and Motion 1 DUE 
11Earths Resources 3 
12Review Packet on plate tectonics 
Students will be going over a review packet with the sub. If not finished in class it will be homework due Wednesday 
13Forces and Motion 2-3 
13review packet due 
13no homework 
14no homework 
14Forces and Motion 2-3 
15Forces and Motion 2-3 
15Weekly Quiz 
15no homework 
16no homework 
17no homework 
18no homework 
18Forces and Motion 2-3 
191/2 day 
19no homework 
20no homework 
20Forces and Motion 2-3 
21Forces and Motion 2-3 
21Weekly Quiz 
22no homework 
23no homework 
24no homework 
25no homework 
25no school 
26no school 
26no homework 
27no homework 
27no school 
28no school 
28no homework 
29no homework 
29no school 
30no homework