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Events for March 2016 
1Earths Resources 1 
1no homework 
1Volcano Write up 
1no homework 
2no homework 
2Volcano Write up 
2no homework 
2Earths Resources 1 
3Earths Resources 1 
3Weekly Quiz 
3no homework 
3Volcano Video 
3Volcano write up due 
45th periods paper due 
signed paper due friday for 5th period 
4no homework 
4Field Trip 
5no homework 
6no homework 
7no homework 
7Earths Resources 1 
8Earths Resources 1 
8no homework 
9no homework 
9Earths Resources 1 
10Earths Resources 1 
10no homework 
10Weekly Quiz 
11no school 
11no homework 
12no homework 
13no homework 
14no homework 
14Earths Resources 1 
15Earths Resources 1 
15Rock Quiz 
15ER 1 notebook due thursday 
16ER 1 notebook due thursday 
16Rock Quiz 
16Earths Resources 1 
17Earths Resources 1 
17Earths Resources 1 DUE 
ER notebook 1 DUE 
17no homework 
17Rock Quiz 
17Start Earths Resources 2 
18Earths Resources 2 
18no homework 
18Weekly Quiz 
19no homework 
20no homework 
21no homework 
21Earths Resources 2 
22Earths Resources 2 
22no homework 
23no homework 
23Earths Resources 2 
23Mineral Quiz 
24Weekly Quiz 
24ER2 notebook due Wednesday 
Take ER2 notebook home over the long break and start working on your claims/evidence. It is due Wednesday! 
24Earths Resources 2 
25no school 
25ER2 notebook due Wednesday 
Work on claims/evidence over the long weekend 
28ER2 notebook due Wednesday 
Work on claims/evidence over the long weekend 
28no school 
29Earths Resources 3 
29ER2 notebook due Wednesday 
30Earths Resources 2 DUE 
30Earths Resources 3 
30no homework 
31no homework 
31Earths Resources 3