ELA 7 Mrs. Reeves
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2018-19 School Year
  Date Assigned Date Due Assignment
  9/17/18 11/5/18 Book project due Monday! Projects must include a summary and a section on why you enjoyed the book of at least a page, plus some visuals. Projects are supposed to attract interest in reading your book. Do your own work and use your own writing.
  11/01/18 11/05/18 continue filling in your graphic organizer for the essay on the survival strategies that helped Salva survive.
      binder check on chapters 9-11 in A Long Walk to Water
  10/12/18 10/15/18 turn in summary sheet for Sudanese tribes article &
Quiz #3 on chapters 9, 10, and 11 in A Long Walk on Monday
  10/1/18 10/5/18 Quiz #2 on chapters 5-8 in A Long Walk to Water
  9/19/18 9/24/18 checking notes on first few chapters in A Long Walk to Water
  9/14/18 9/19-9/20 "A Sound of Thunder" story packet reading comp questions
  9/10/18 No later than 9/14/18 Class Syllabus Signed
  9/10/18 No later than 9/14/18 Find an Independent Reading book that you're interested in and haven't read before. Please bring this to class on Friday.