Homework will try to be updated daily. Check the Resources tab for downloadable documents (homework/tips) if available. Check with your student on whether or not they had homework.  They should be writing down their homework in their agenda or placing it in their homework folder. (List of materials needed for 7th grade)

Math 7 - Finish Ratio, Rates, Unit Rates and Proportion Packet
Pre Algebra 7 - Finish Quadrilateral T/F Review with Venn Diagram on back
Science 7 -


Life Science: Finish your Feeder Bird Spotlight Powerpoint Presentation. Your focus should be on completion and accuracy!  Due: end of the day on Wednesday, 06 February.


Advanced Science:  Keep making progress with your Science Fair project!  Science Fair permission slips should be turned in ASAP!


Advanced Science 7 -

Complete Excerpt 3 Focus Questions & Gist Notes

Complete Definitions on "Figurative Language Toolbox Anchor Chart" (try the examples)

Next Independent Reading is due Thursday, 2/14

Social Studies 7 - Government Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday 2/6
Spanish 7 - Review every night. Teach someone at home what you learned today.
Health 7 - None
Technology 7 - None
Upcoming Events/Dates
1/16/19-1/25/19 Midterm "Week" (varies per class)
1/21/19 No School (Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day)
1/25/19 Marking period 2 ends
1/28/19 No school for students (Superintendent Conference Day)