Bob the Goofy Reindeer
Bob The Goofy Reindeer Video - I could not email this out because of the size.  Please try to view it here.  Merry Christmas!
Mrs. Miller  


Welcome Students!
Research shows that children who read books for just 20 minutes a day perform better in school. Here are some great ways to get your child reading!
1. Set aside a reading time.
Pick a reading time that is good for everyone. It might be before bedtime or even after homework.  
2. Pick a reading place.
It is important that everyone is comfortable so they can enjoy the book. Try reading in the living room, or maybe the dinner table works best.
3. Read together. 
One person can read the book, or people can take turns.
4. Involve and engage listeners.
Before you read, point to the book’s title, author, and illustrator. Ask listeners, “What do they think the story is going to be about?” As you read, you can ask your family members what they think will happen next. And be sure to engage listeners with exciting voices!
5. Fill your home with reading materials.
Place books, magazines, newspapers, cookbooks, and more throughout the house so your child is surrounded by things to read.
6. Get caught reading yourself.
When your child sees you read, she will be inspired to read.
7. Older siblings read to younger siblings.
By reading to a younger sibling, the reader will gain confidence.
8. Start seasonal traditions.
Pick a book to read every year when your child goes back to school. You can also read the same special book during a holiday.
9. Keep favorite books around.
It can be comforting for a new reader to build confidence and fluency by practicing when re-reading a favorite book.

Mrs. Miller