Homework Tips


Homework has two purposes: It provides an opportunity to establish good practices and it reinforces skills taught in class.

Homework should take your child approximately 15-20 minutes each night to complete. Your child should be fairly independent in completing their homework, as I go over what is expected at the end of each day. The skills and concepts needed to complete the homework should be familiar to your child. If your child is confused, or is taking longer than 20 minutes to complete the assignment, please write me a note and attach it to the homework. Try to keep homework time as positive and stress-free as possible.



Homework Tips for Students
  • Doing homework at home is hard. If you take time to make your space work for you, you can study better, and get the job done sooner.
  • Try to be at a quiet place in your house, where people know you are working.
  • Make sure you have all your tools- your pencil is sharp, you have your book, you have paper. You have what you need to do the job.
  •  Use breaks wisely. Only take a five minute break every 20 - 30 minutes. Make yourself go back and finish up after a five minute stretch.
  • Talking out loud as you read or solve a math problem helps your mind think when you are tired for many people.
  • Remember to put all your homework back into your folder to bring back to school.
  •  Remember to thank anyone who tried to be quiet for you, or anyone who lent you a hand.