Welcome to Waverly's School Counseling Office!

Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive program that will assist all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and lifelong learners.  The program's ultimate goal is for students to graduate with the competencies necessary to be able to make self-directed, realistic and responsible decisions that are necessary to function and contribute in a global and changing society.

Waverly High School Counselors:
    Jennifer Fish                    Lindsay Neubauer
A-L Grades 9-12                                  M-Z Grades 9-12
JFish@gstboces.org                             LNeubauer@gstboces.org 

Waverly Middle School Counselor:

Erin Belile
A-Z Grades 5-8

To Contact the School Counseling Office, please call (607) 948-0001 for the School Counseling Secretary, Denise Chambers.