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It is important that you talk with your children about Internet Safety. Netsmartz is a great site to help you do that. It has tip sheets, videos, and presentations already created just for parents and best of all, it's free. Check it out here

KINDLE, NOOK, and iPad Books
You can download books to read on your device from the Chemung County public library


Looking for a great book for your child to read? The ECSD librarians have created an extensive list on Pinterest. Click on graphic to check us out on Pinterest



We have many resources that you and your family can use from home. Everything from homework help, encyclopedias, newspaper and journal articles, to reading recommendations to audiobooks. I hope the links on this page are helpful to you. If I can assist you in any way, please email me:

One of the most important goals of our school library is to help students develop a love of reading, so that it becomes a lifelong habit. I try to properly match each individual student with their reading interests and goals so they will enjoy reading and improve their reading skills. The only way most children can get to be good readers is to read regularly. Below are ways that you can encourage your child to read.

Ways to Help Your Child Love Reading
Ask your school librarian for help. The school librarian can connect your child with books either in the school library or at the local public library.

One of the greatest pleasures of a good book is the opportunity to discuss it with fellow readers. try reading a book with your child. Get two copies and read a few chapters at a time. Schedule a "meeting" to talk about the book. Even once a week. It will be a nice opportunity for you to share time with your child while also helping them to see that reading can be fun.

Check out This user-friendly database by Scholastic can help you search for books by reading level, type of book, genre and more. It has a search similair feature that lets your child enter an author or title he/she enjoyed and find others that they will like equally well. 

Model Reading so they know you value it

Provide time to visit a library or bookstore so they have something to read when they want to read.

Engaging your boys during summer months
Book Wizard

Online Databases

Reading Tips





Games to help you


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