Common Core ELA full Text
 7th grade. See below for additional grades
Module Resources
1  “Life and Death in Darfur: Sudan’s Refugee Crisis Continues,” Current Events, April 7, 2006, 2. (Excerpted section: “Time Trip, Sudan’s Civil War”)

Sudanese Tribes Confront Modern War” by Karl Vick - Washington Post Foreign Service, July 7, 1999, A1 (excerpts).

Loss of Culturally Vital Cattle Leaves Dinka Tribe Adrift in Refugee Camps” by Stephen Buckley - Washington Post Foreign Service, August 24, 1997, A1 (excerpts)

2a "Mill Times" by David Macaulay (PBS) 2001. (Recommended, not required).

Commonwealth Club Address” speech given on November 9, 1984 by César Chávez

Statement at Pacific Lutheran University” speech given in March 1989 by César Chávez. (Alternative to Commonwealth Club Address)

The Wrath of Grapes” speech given in May, 1986 by César Chávez.

Ethical Style: How Is My T-Shirt Made?” by Jessica DeJesus & Tabea Kay (GOOD, February 9, 2012.)

“An Apparel Factory Defies Sweatshop Label, but Can It Thrive?” by Steven Greenhouse (The New York Times, July 18, 2010).

Are Your Clothes Made in Sweatshops?” from Oxfam Australia

Research Texts A. “It’s Incredibly Difficult to Prove That Clothing is ‘Ethically Made’”

B. “The Real Cost of Fashion

C. “Teens In Sweatshops

D. “Some Retailers Say More about Their Clothing Origins

"Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw (Project Gutenberg)

"Team Players" by Erika Packard (Monitor, September 2006, Vol 37, No. 8)

"Why Couldn’t Snow White Be Chinese?" by Grace Lin

"Teen Slang: What's, like, so wrong with like?" by Denise Winterman (BBC News Magazine, September 2010)

"Generation Z Teens Stereotyped As 'Lazy And Unaware,'" by Julianne Micoleta (Huffington Post, March, 2012)

"Is Money Affecting Your Social Status?" by Reniqua Allen (Teen Vogue)

Women and Urban Life in Victorian Britain” by Lynda Nead (British Broadcasting Company, Nov. 4, 2004 )

"Victorian Women - Not What You Might Think" by Gina Zorzi Kline

Key Questions to Ask When Analyzing Media Messages”- National Association for Media Literacy Education

Truth in Advertising?” by Stephanie Clifford (The New York Times Upfront, Vol. 142, March 1, 2010)

"'Cover Girl Culture’ Exposes Media’s Impact on Young Girls” by Melanie Deziel (The Daily Campus, February 26, 2010)

"Men Are Becoming the Ad Target of the Gender Sneer" by Courtney Kane (The New York Times, January 28, 2005)

Guys and Dolls No More?” by Elizabeth Sweet (The New York Times, December 21, 2012)

Images of Men in Advertising” by Tom Nakayama  (Media and Values, Issue 48, Fall 1989)

Geena Davis, Media Equalizer" (New Moon Girls Magazine, Vol. 19, Issue 10, July/August 2012)

Body Image and Eating Disorders "(The Center for an Ad-Free Childhood)

Study: Employment Ads Perpetuate Traditional Roles” (Duke Today , May 2001)


  • 3a
"Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave" by Frederick Douglass (Pennsylvania State University Electronic Classics Series) "The Slave Trade” (Freedom: A History of US, PBS – Webisode 5, Segment 2)

Abolition” (Freedom: A History of US, PBS – Webisode 5, Segment 3)

Frederick Douglass”(Freedom: A History of US, PBS – Webisode 5, Segment 4)

Renaissance Man” by Scott Kirkwood (National Parks, Spring 2013 v87 i2 p1).  

If We Must Die” by Claude McKay (American Academy of Poets)

The Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Langston Hughes (American Academy of Poets)

Black Woman” by Georgia Douglass Johnson(American Academy of Poets)

slaveships” by Lucille Clifton  (Poetry Foundation)

Harriet Tubman” by Eloise Greenfield  (American Academy of Poets)

We Wear the Mask” by Paul Laurence Dunbar (Poetry Foundation)
"harriet" by Lucille Clifton (African-American Registry)

"Song of the Son" by Jean Toomer (American Academy of Poets)

"Outcast" by Claude McKay (


Teens and Decision Making: What Brain Science Reveals” by Scholastic Inc. and National Institute on Drug Abuse (New York Times Upfront, Vol. 140, Issue 13, April 14, 2008 – 18.)

The Teen Brain: It’s Just Not Grown Up Yet” by Richard Knox (National Public Radio, March 1, 2010)

"What's Going on in Your Brain?" by Linda Bernstein (Current Health, Vol. 32, Issue 6, Feb. 2006 – 20)

What You Should Know about Your Brain” by Judy Willis (Educational Leadership, Vol. 67, Issue 4, 2009)

Insights into the Teen Brain” (video) by Adriana Galván  (TedxYouth@Caltech, January 19, 2013)

The Child’s Developing Brain,” by Tara Parker-Pope, Jon Huang and Mike Mason  (, September 15, 2008)

Development of the Young Brain” (video) by Jay N. Giedd, M.D. (National Institute of Mental Health, May 2, 2011)

Students and Technology, Constant Companions” by Joshua Brustein, Matt Richtel, and Erik Olsen (, November 20, 2010)

The Digital Revolution and Adolescent Brain Evolution” by Jay N. Giedd , M.D. (Journal of Adolescent Health, Vol. 51,Issue 2, August, 2012, 101-105)

Growing Up Digital” by Matt Richtel (Scholastic New York Times Upfront, Jan. 31, 2011)

You Trouble” by Justin O’Neill (Scholastic Choices, Sept. 2012)

Policy Statement: Children, Adolescents, and the Media” by Victor C. Strasburger and Marjorie J. Hogan (Pediatrics, Vol. 132, Issue 5, November 2013 - 958)

“Beyond the Brain” by David Brooks (The New York Times, June 18, 2003, A25.)

Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr and Peter Norvig, (New York Times Upfront, Vol. 143, Issue 3, October 4, 2010)

The Many Benefits for Kids of Playing Video Games” by Peter Gray, (Psychology Today online, January 7, 2012),

Gaming Can Make a Better World” (video), by Jane McGonigal, (Ted Talks, Februrary 2010)

Video Games Benefit Children, Study Finds” by Queensland University of Technology, (Medical Xpress, January 16, 2013)

Why Facebook Could Actually Be Good for Your Mental Health” by Sy Mukherjee, (ThinkProgress, March 19, 2013)

The ONLINE EDUCA Debate 2009 (Part 2 of 10)” (video), by Aric Sigman (Dec. 2009)

"Attached to Technology and Paying a Price” by Matt Richtel, (The New York Times, June 7, 2010)

Can You Unplug for 24 Hours?”by Heidi St. Clair, (The Huffington Post, March 22, 2012)

Guest Opinion: Step Away from the Screen” by Margaret Desler, M.D.(Contra Costa Times, May 2, 2013)

Nicholas Carr’s ‘The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains’” by Jeffrey Brown, Nicholas Carr, and Mathew Kielty, (PBS News Hours, August 27, 2010)             
 Grades 3-12 Common Core Full Text articles:
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