CODING means using a programming language to tell a computer what you want it to do. You can create games, websites,  apps, and programs.  There are many free, Fun sites to teach you about coding. MIT created Scratch and we like that a lot! see below for a list of other sites you might want to try. 

Hour of code  MineCraft  Scroll down to the 3rd party games


Getting started click here: SCRATCH

Watch this tutorial to learn the basics
This nonprofit foundation website is a great starting point for coding novices. It shares plenty of useful online resources, apps and even local schools to teach coding. Be sure to watch the inspirational video on the main page. The January 2016 iteration is aimed at inspiring girls to code and features well-known women in tech fields, such as Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai as well as everyday women and girls who insist "if you can code, you can change the world."

This interactive website is user-friendly and teaches kids basic code through fun and simple exercises that feel like games.

Code Avengers
While Code Avengers lacks the eye-catching graphics of other options, it does offer a series of free intro classes in building web pages, apps and games. If you like the free version, you can graduate to a series of paid options that range from $19 to $39 per 12-hour course.

Code Combat
Best for older kids, Code Combat uses an interactive, competitive gameplay mode to stimulate learning. There are online courses that require registration, but kids can be online, playing for free in seconds, too.