Extra Credit Opportunities

If you are looking for extra credit opportunities, you've come to the right place!

Option ONE:
Attend a musical performance and fill out a concert evaluation form! Submitting this to Ms. Miller will add one point to your marking period grade. You may fill out up to three assignments per marking period.

I know that for some students, it is difficult to attend live performances. We are fortunate to have access to live webcasts of Ithaca College concerts. Please visit the website to stream a full concert performance and fill out the evaluation form (linked above).

Option TWO:
Accept Ms. Miller's "Extra Credit Challenge!"

From the Top
Watch (or listen to) a full episode of the show “From the Top” (find at www.fromthetop.org) and write a well-composed essay of at least two pages, answering the questions below:
For EACH performer/segment of the show:
Who is the performer and what instrument does he/she play?
What piece is he/she playing?
What do you find compelling about the performance? What draws you in?
Which episode # did you watch or listen to?
Who was your favorite performer and why?
What do YOU believe music has the power to do?