MS Extra credit opportunities
Extra Credit Opportunities

Option ONE:
Attend a musical performance and fill out a concert evaluation form! Submitting this to Ms. Miller will add one point to your marking period grade. You may fill out up to three assignments per marking period.

I know that for some students, it is difficult to attend live performances. We are fortunate to have access to live webcasts of Ithaca College concerts. Please visit the website to stream a full concert performance and fill out the evaluation form (linked above).

Option TWO:
Create a Facebook page for your favorite composer or classical musician. Use this template as a guide to the correct format and the information that should be included. You may edit the content in the template and submit it to Ms. Miller electronically (at or arrange the content on a small posterboard and submit to Ms. Miller. Turn it in before the end of the marking period to replace a missed lesson grade.