This semster, all Middle School Orchestra students are working on developing SMART goal setting skills. In order to practice effectively and make progress with learning to play an instrument, we need to set goals for what we want to accomplish, find ways to accomplish those goals, and evaluate whether or not the goals have been accomplished. Students will set new goals each week, based on their individual needs. The goals should answer the following questions:
SPECIFIC: What do I want to accomplish?
             What musical techniques or concepts will be a part of my goal?
MEASURABLE: How will I know when it is accomplished?
How many repetitions were required to measure progress or achievement?
If our goals are measureable, we can see progress towards the completion of our goals.
ATTAINABLE: How can the goal be accomplished?
What practice strategies did you use to meet your goal?
RELEVANT: Why is this important to me?
Is the goal that I’ve set worthwhile?
Does the goal line up with skills/techniques/concepts that we are working on in class?
Does this relate to my interests in orchestra?
TIMELY: What can I accomplish in one week?
What can I accomplish in one practice session?
On each page of the practice journal, there is a place to plan out the week's practice goals. This should be done on the day of the lesson or the next day. Students should be using the WHOLE WEEK to work towards your goals! 
Students: You are expected to set THREE goals each week and your accomplishments should reflect your progress towards the goals you set. Ms. Miller will work with you to establish some goals, but you is expected to write them out and structure your practice time to work towards achieving them!

Please let me know if you have any questions about this process or what is expected of your student.