Homework Policy

Mrs. Strong’s Homework Policy

  • provides practice and reinforcement of learning.
  • helps develop good study habits.
  • encourages self discipline and responsibility.
  • teaches our students to work independently.
  • fosters positive attitudes toward our school.
  • communicates the idea that learning can take place at home as well as school.
As your child’s teacher, I will…
  • assign homework to practice skills and review knowledge.
  • provide clear homework to meet individual needs.
  • give clear directions.
  • provide timely feedback to students and acknowledge effort.
  • notify parents about concerns or questions.
  • inform parents and students about all classroom expectations.
As the student, your child should…
  • know the assignment.
  • complete the assignment.
  • try his or her best.
  • do quality work.
  • bring homework back in time.
As the parent, you should…
  • make homework a priority.
  • provide a consistent time and place to study.
  • give help, when needed.
  • sign homework sheet.
  • notify the teacher about questions or concerns.
*Please expect at least 15 minutes of reading every night and daily math assignments including math facts.  Spelling words will be sent home on Fridays in order for your child to study daily. Extras are available. Unfinished work will not be sent home; instead, it will be completed during center time/work time or your child’s recess time.