Behavior Policy


Mrs. Strong's Behavior Policy


In order for students to become responsible citizens, communication amongst teachers, students, and parents is essential.  This year, the communication of individual student responsibility and behavior will be made through the use of daily folders.  Each student will be responsible to bring their folder to and from school every day.  Inside the folder, students will have their homework assignments and any fliers, notes, etc. for their parents to see.  Students will also have a behavior chart that will need to be signed everyday.  Students will color the appropriate box on their chart daily to reflect their behaviors in school.


 Explanation of Behavior Color System


Green:  All students begin each day on green.


Yellow:  Student switches to a yellow card upon first verbal warning of inappropriate behavior.  This is only a warning.


Blue:  Inappropriate behavior demonstrates a need for reteaching of appropriate behavior.  Students will create their own behavior plan to highlight what they have done wrong and how they can make better choices next time.


Red:  Student communicates inappropriate behaviors home to parents via a note attached inside daily folder.  Reaching the red level also results in communication with the office.


When disruptive behaviors are identified by teachers, students will move their card to the appropriate color level. Teachers have the right to automatically move a student’s card, skipping colors, depending on the severity of the behavior.  Students that are on green at the end of the day will receive coins that may be used at our classroom store on Fridays. If students reach the red level on any given day, please look for a note from your child inside his/her folder. Your attention to behaviors that are both positive and in need of improvement are appreciated!