Need Hours?
Do you need hours of community service?

Below please find a list of ways you can get them:
  • Volunteer with the NJHS group in activities that Mrs. Webster sets up
  • Rake a lawn/shovel snow for an elderly person or neighbor
  • Clean a house for an elderly or disabled person
  • Donate clothes to the Samaritan Center, Volunteers of America or Salvation Army
  • Make baked goods for someone that is sick or has lost a family member
  • Sing holiday carols at a retirement home, St. Joseph's Hospital or the Chemung County Nursing Facility
  • Volunteer at the Samaritan Center on Saturdays from 9-12 or after school on Tuesdays from 3:30-6 to sort clothes or stack food. Call 734-4898.
  • Volunteer at the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. Call 796-6061. You must have an adult supervise you.
  • Be a peer tutor.
  • Participate in local walks for good causes.
  • Volunteer at your church or for your Scout troop.
  • Volunteer at EOP/Ernie Davis Community Center.
  • Help out at Volunteer of America. 733-7195.
  • Help out with a sports team by keeping score, cleaning up or selling items.
  • Go to the elementary school to read to the children.
  • Send greeting cards to an Adult Home.
  • Ring bells for the Salvation Army with your family. Call 732-0314.
  • Pack gifts for the Arctic League and deliver them to families on Christmas morning.
These are just suggestions! You may do anything that you feel would work for you just as long as it's not for money or for family!

~Mrs. Webster, Advisor NJHS