Criteria for Acceptance
National Junior Honor Society Broadway Academy National Junior Honor Society

 Candidate Criteria for Acceptance
  • Student must complete ten or more hours of community service.
  • Students must have no discipline referrals (including bus discipline referrals).
  • Student must have no more than two document only forms (discipline related).
  • Student must excel in the areas of Character, Citizenship and Leadership. Student must receive 3’s and 4’s on the Faculty Evaluation Forms completed by Staff (any student receiving three or more 1’s will not be considered; any student receiving five or more 2’s will also not be considered). These scores are out of 4.
Once inducted into NJHS, students must uphold the above expectations. Students who receive any discipline referrals or two or more document only forms (once they are in the Club) will be removed. 

Students must get 10 hours each year to stay in the Club.