All students should have the following:
  • Sutrdy Folder
  • pens/pencils
  • highlighter
  • CALCULATOR TI 30SXII for Math 8 or TI-84 graphing calculator for Algebra
Having a calculator at home is extremely important. Please keep the calculator at home for homework and to elminiate the risk of theft. We provide calculators at school for in-class use. 

Many of the homework assignments, especially for Algebra, require a calculator. While the above calculators are the exat ones we use in class, 8th graders can use any scientific calculator with a square root and cube root function. Most smart phones have these functions in their calculator.

For Algebra students, I strongly recomment getting the EXACT calculator above. While another brand or model may work, students may become frustrated that the functions on a different calculator are set up differently. If you have an Android Smart phone, there is a FREE app called Wabbit EMU that will turn the smart phone into a TI-84. Many students have used that instead of getting the calculator. Unfortunately, there is no apple equivalent for idevices.

I do realize that it is an expensive calcualtor. Students are ALWAYS welcome to get a pass to come in before school, a during lunch or studyhall, or after school to sit in my room and use a graphing calculator for HW assignments. Even if I am teaching, students can come in and use an empty desk. If you do decide to buy one, note that it will be used by students for all high school math courses and is therefore a worthwhile investment. Also, the links above take you to Walmart's website. However, parents have told me that Staples will price match. Simple print the Walmart order page and take it to Staples to price match.

We do a lot of dry erase work. Dry erase markers donated to my classroom would be greatly appreciated.