8th graders taking Algebra
Congratulations to your student for being chosen to take this course a year early! 
Please take some time during the first 5-10 weeks to evaluate placement in this course. It is going to be the hardest math course your student will have encountered, far above their middle school experience. Some students and their families will decide 8th grade is not the time, after all, to take this course and decide to wait until 9th grade to take it. If you do decide to make this choice, please call your guidance counselor.

Students must maintain an 85 or better average in order to remain in the course. If a student is struggling and isn't ready, it puts unneccessary stress on the student, a permanent grade on their high school transcript, and the risk of failing the Regents.

Tips to be successful
  • Attendance - students who are absent from school a lot will experience difficulty in the already demanding course. Try not to schedule appointments during this course.
  • Practice Assignments - Students need to practice the new material they have learned each lesson. The students in Algebra will likely be bringing the majority of these practice assignments home to finish. Just like playing a sport, musical instrument, dance/gymnastics routines, etc....math takes practice.
  • Tutoring - many students in Algebra experience some growing pains due to the difficulty of the course, but because math has always come easily, they are embarrassed to ask for help. If they make themselves come in for help, they will quickly see they are NOT the only ones.
  • I have made YouTube tutorials for every lesson. See the Tutoring Page for more information.