Welcome to our parent support website for the NYS Modules.  This site is ever-evolving with new information, so check back periodically.  It is organized with a page for each grade level and then a page for each module where you will find information to help support your child's learning.

New York State adopted the
Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in 2010.  Below are some links to Parent Roadmaps that you can access to get an overview of what your child will learn in Math and ELA.

The math topics that students will be studying are broken down into MODULES. Modules are similar to units of study around a general topic. Each module contains LESSONS; these lessons study the specific skills students need to know. Each lesson builds on previous knowledge learned throughout past lessons.

Click below for the "digital magazine" Common Core Math Roadmaps


Click below for the "digital magazine" Common Core ELA Roadmaps