6th Module 4--Expressions and Equations

Khan Academy Videos:
Powers of Fractions

Practice with Exponents:
Positive and Zero Exponents

IXL Practice:

  1. E.1 Write multiplication expressions using exponents
  2. E.2 Evaluate exponents
  3. E.3 Exponents: solve for the variable
  4. E.4 Exponents with decimal bases
  5. E.5 Exponents with fractional bases

Order of Operations

Khan Academy Videos:
Introduction to Order of Operations
Order of Operations
More Complicated Order of Operations Example
Order of Operations with Exponents Examples
Order of Operations with Exponents

Order of Operations Practice:
Khan Academy

IXL Practice:

O.9 Evaluate expressions involving decimals
W.7 Simplify expressions involving fractions

What is PEMDAS?

Distributive Property

Khan Academy Videos:

The Distributive Property 
The Distributive Property 2
Distributive Property Example 1
Distributive Property Exercise

Distributive Property Practice:
Distributive Property

IXL Practice:

P.18 Distributive Property 


Khan Academy Videos:
Writing Expressions 1
Writing Expressions 2
Writing Expressions 2 Exercise Example
Combining Like Terms
Adding Like Rational Terms
Combining Like Terms 1
Combining Like Terms 2
Equivalent Forms of Expressions 1
Variables, Expressions, and Equations

Writing Expression Practice:
Writing Expressions
Writing Expressions 2
Writing Expressions with Variables Word Problem
Writing Numerical Expressions with Exponents Word Problems
Equivalent Forms of Expressions 1

IXL Practice:

  1. P.1 Write variable expressions to represent word problems
  2. P.2 Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers
  3. P.3 Solve word problems involving two-variable equations
  4. P.4 Evaluate variable expressions involving decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers
  5. P.15 Identify terms, coefficients, and monomials
  6. P.16 Add and subtract like terms
  7. P.17 Simplify variable expressions using properties