7th Module 2A--Working with Evidence
Lyddie by Katherine Paterson

Topic of Study: Working Conditions

Throughout this unit, students will analyze working conditions ( especially for women) during the Industrial Revolution.  Students will analyze the text and identify fair and unfair working conditions.  Furthermore, students will draw conclusions and make inferences about how different working conditions impacted workers.

: 1800's; Industrial Revolution; U.S. ( New England States)

Learning Targets

CCS Standards: Writing (Summary)

* Use text-based details to support written responses.
* Write an argumentative essay that cites text- based evidence and   includes appropriate analyses and inferences.
* Write an acrostic poem that accurately characterizes Lyddie.
* Include an introduction, body section, and conclusion.
* Apply grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules.

 NOTE: The argumentative essay counts as a large percentage of  a student's grade. 


* Entry & exit tasks
* Homework & classwork
* Group work
* Quizzes (weekly or bi-weekly)
*Mid& end unit assessments
* Argumentative essay