1st Grade Math
In First Grade, your child will be learning:

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • Add and subtract within 20.
  • Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.
  • Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.
  • Work with addition and subtraction equations.

Number and Operations in Base Ten

  • Extend the counting sequence.
  • Understand place value.
  • Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract

Measurement and Data

  • Measure lengths indirectly and by iterating length units.

    Sequence of Grade 1 Modules Aligned with the Standards

    Module 1: Sums and Differences to 10

    Module 2: Introduction to Place Value Through Addition and Subtraction Within 20

    Module 3: Ordering and Comparing Length Measurements as Numbers

    Module 4: Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction to 40

    Module 5: Identifying, Composing, and Partitioning Shapes 

    Module 6: Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction to 100