6th Module 2 Continued--Topic D--Number Theory
Lesson 16- Even and Odd Numbers

Lesson 17: Divisibility Tests for 3 and 9

IXL Practice: 
L.1Divisibility rules

Lesson 18: Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor

IXL Practice:
  1. N.3 Prime or composite
  2. N.4 Identify factors
  3. N.5 Prime factorization
  4. N.6 Prime factorization with exponents
  5. N.7 Greatest common factor
  6. N.8 Least common multiple
  7. N.9 GCF and LCM: word problems
Learn Zillion Videos: 
  1. Answer word problems by listing factor pairs
  2. Find GCF by listing factor pairs
  3. Find LCM of two numbers by listing the multiples of each
Lesson 19: The Euclidean Algorithm as an Application of the Long Division Algorithm